Withdraw Liquidity

Step 1 : Select the withdraw ratio

While withdraw the liquidity of LP token, the withdraw quantity of NFT assets could involve decimals.

If there are decimals on the quantity of NFT

Seacows will automatically calculate the value of the decimal part of the NFT and convert it into a token for users to withdraw.

Step 2 : Select the NFT to withdraw

Note:you should select from the NFT pool on the left a number that is greater than or equal to the number of NFTs you want to withdraw.

Selecting a number greater than or equal to the actual withdrawal number is to prevent you from Someone competed with you for the extracted NFT, causing your withdrawal to fail.

Click to Withdraw

Transaction record confirmation

Remove to wallet

The assets you withdraw will not directly enter your wallet. If you need to transfer the withdrawn assets to your wallet, you can click [Remove to wallet]

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